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Because contacts are important, we kindly invite you to get to know the website of ALS Association.

You can find useful information about all angles of the disease and recent developments. This information is oriented towards the patients themselves, their family, their environment and all people, directly or indirectly involved in ALS.

Attention: We try to describe ALS in detail here. In reality, one individual ALS patient will rarely develop all disease patterns and all disease symptoms listed at the same time. In other words, everything you can read here will not necessarily occur in your ALS experience.

We have a discussion forum at our disposal to keep the dialog open between patients and the Association. Besides that you can always post questions and reactions to our suggestion box. Our quarterly Newsletter, also available online, contains a range of articles, special offers, activities and tips you certainly don’t want to miss.

In case you still didn’t find the answer to your question at the end of your search, ... never mind: our secretariat and co-workers would love to help you out!

The ALS team


Urgent: translators English – French or Dutch – French.

Owing to the expansion of our assistance for the pALS we are looking for volunteers who want to assist us in various tasks. Do you like to work with numbers, are you a linguistic talent, are you interested in research, do you like to work on the computer or do you prefer to extend a helping hand with patients at home? Anything is possible.


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